Thursday, 10 April 2014

Lost photo's

Hello everyone :)

I seem to be having technical problems with my photo albums on picasa...somehow all photos for the past 3 years have been wiped. my photo albums are showing empty.....luckily i have back ups of most, but it will take a while to put them all back on the site :)

Hugs Heather x

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A new tshirt :)

Hello everyone :)

In an attempt to sew a new wardrobe of clothes now I have gone to a size 18 uk, I have made myself a new tshirt today.

I bought this knit fabric and a new simplicity pattern with some money number 3 son gave me for mothers day (uk) last sunday.

I certainly made a great choice with the fabric, it was a dream to sew with and the tshirt came together quickly using the overlocker/serger throughout.

Off to try out an idea I have, I am going to cut up one of hubby's shirts and make myself another! Don't tell him ;p

Happy Sewing,
Heather x

Monday, 31 March 2014

Keeping busy.....

pincushion lpq
 Hello everyone :)
I have been keeping myself busy in between sewing together my Josephs Coat quilt....which is nowhere near
being finished I may add.....Firstly I have made a pincushion with this months free gift from LOVE PATCHWORK AND QUILTING magazine.
I love this new magazine, it is full of interesting articles that keeps me entertained for hours and comes with a free sewing gift each month.....this month is the material to make this lovely pincushion (tatting and buttons from stash).

Secondly I am knitting a panel on the knitting board to use for a future sewing project. I am also weaving a novelty yarn at random intervals, when it is felted the novelty yarn will add texture to the panel.
Thirdly I am on round 4 of another spring napkin by Renulek
this time I am doing it with viscose and cotton which are both a 2ply....thicker than usual tatting because I want to sew it to a floor cushion when completed.

Here is a close up of the colours :)
That viscose is a pain to knit or crochet with as the fibers keep wanting to come apart but is great for tatting as the fibers are kept tight.
from this photo you can see how the fibers come apart on the picots, it gives an interesting fluffy look to the lace..
Well I must get back to it, next time I will post update photo's of the quilt :)

Happy crafting,
Heather x

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A denim bag

Hello everyone :)

Do you ever watch a tv programme and suddenly you get fixated about what a character is wearing and wondering if you can sew up something similar? I do it it doesnt always work mind you, but it is fun trying isnt it?
I am one of those people...i was watching something the other night and a young lady had a slim denim bag held across the body....straight away I had the idea to make  see walking with a stick and trying to hold a shopping basket plus an handbag is getting impossible....hence the idea to make an across the body bag just big enough for a purse and mobile phone :)

I used some old jeans for the denim and used some of the fabric from the josephs coat quilt (which I am still sewing slowly) to make a thingy for the front and added a leather strap from an old bag I got from a charity store (50p) and new bag was born :)

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Still tatting

Hello everyone :)

Is anyone else tatting Renulek's spring napkin? I have been watching everyones progress on intatters forum and there are some awesome colour combinations going on... ...I keep looking at mine in pink and cream and it looks positively boring in comparison....but i dont currently own any other colour of tatting thread so i carry on doing mine as is and envying everyones bright creations.

Here's mine....just starting round 5.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Pink and cream

Hello everyone :)

Well i have been confined to my rocking chair and bed all week, too much pain to move much and its my own see having fibromyalgia i get alot of pain if i dont move and exercise regular and i got complacent for the last couple of weeks sat at my sewing machine.
So after not being able to move all week i am now on stronger medication and doing gentle sewing.....but i need to do something with my hands!

So out came the tatting shuttles and cotton...i found Renulek had put a new pattern for spring on her blog and so in between exercise i am tatting :)

Happy Crafting
Heather x

Friday, 7 March 2014

another addiction

Hello everyone :)
Oh dear I seem to have developed another addiction....I keep bringing vintage sewing machines home......and I don't just mean my new picture that sits above my sewing machine lol.

I have just won another machine in a a table on ebay and going to pick her up at the weekend :)
I will share pictures when I get her home :)

Happy Sewing,
Heather x