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Friday, 21 February 2014

Singer treadle

Hello everyone :)
Today we took a trip to Spalding Lincs to pick up a Singer treadle sewing machine.
It is unfortunate that in our area you have to wait for sewists to pass away before a good looked after treadle comes up for sale....that is what we encounted today, the young gentleman who sold us the machine had recently lost his dont really know what to say on these situations, you feel sorry for the young man but inside you are squealing with  excitement because you have found the machine of your dreams and its been well used but has been looked after lovingly.
The young mans mum was a quilter and preferred to sew on her treadle instead of using modern electric machines, he told us stories of all the quilts his mum made for all her family members. How she loved sewing outfits for her grandchildren, and even a wedding dress for one of her friends daughters....i could tell that the young man was missing his mum deeply but he said he was happy to know that her beloved machine was going to continue to be used and loved :)

Thank you for visiting :)
Hugs Heather x


  1. Oooh Heather I am soooo pleased for you she looks gorgeous and well looked after, a nice cabinet too that would happily grace any room.
    I think it such a pity that today's sewing machines who are amazingly talented wont give our descendants the same opportunity.
    Enjoy getting to know her, have you found out which model she is yet? Betsy is sewing like a dream since the problem of me not threading her properly was sorted. I quickly fell in love with her and I know you will love yours too.
    Would it be a daft question asking what you'll be doing this weekend lol.
    Peg xx

  2. I had to pop into Heathers earlier to drop something off and of course she introduced me to her new family member and she is gorgeous. Nice shiny cabinet and her body is in immaculate condition and knowing Heather she couldn't have come to a better home.

    I'm pretty sure there will be some posts before long of lovely creations made on her.

    Peg x


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