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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Vintage machines update

Hello everyone :)
Welcome back to It's Sew This N That, I wanted to share with you pictures of some of my vintage sewing machines :)
Above is the Singer 201K Treadle that I shared with you last week, I have added a motor to this machine so that I can have a choice whether to use power or swap to non powered.
Have you noticed Eggbert? This was a surprise gift from hubby...apparently he was bored the other day while I was out shopping and decided to make me a new pin cushion, then came up with the idea of Eggbert lol.

 This little machine is a beauty, she is circa 1950s and is a childs sewing machine....she works too! You can tell the size of her in relation to my box of Copic pens below her.....tiny right?
The one on the top of the cupboard is a Jones Hand Crank with the bullet shuttle circa 1910, I do love this beauty, she is highly decorated and very shiny....but she is in need of a new handle....anyone have one spare?

This concludes my trip through nostalgia, I am going back to my Joseph's Coat quilt now :)

Thank you for visiting today, please leave a comment and visit me again soon :)
*hugs* Heather x x x


  1. I am DROOLING over that treadle - love your machines!!!!

  2. Oh your machines and the lovely glass shelving too....wish I had a handle to give you because I would.

    Thanks for giving me such eye candy to enjoy.


  3. I love your family of vintage machines, it was lovely to meet your new treadle the other day, they're like bon bon sweets, you can't just stop at one lol, well I can't. I know you'll be as happy with them as I am with Betsy and the decals on the Jones looks beautiful. Your cabinet is perfect for showing off your collection as it grows.
    I can confirm to everyone that your Josephs coat quilt is coming along great and the fabric you've chosen is absolutely beautiful, it will look stunning when its finished.

    Peg xx


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